Adult Student Research Collaboration

Presentations (*= student researchers)

  • Collie Fulford & Lauren Rosenberg. “Flexibility is More than Accommodation: Developing Principles for Lifespan Research with Adult Learners." Writing Through the Lifespan Conference. July 2021 (virtual).
  • *Kamil Powell. "Learning from Adult Learners." National Council on Undergraduate Research. April 13, 2021 (virtual).
  • *Charity Rin Philips, *Adrienne Long, *Tessa Delgo, and *Catherine Winfree. “HBCU Counterstories: Going Public with the Experiences of Adult Students”. Story+ Research Symposium. Durham, NC. June 26, 2020 (virtual).
  • Collie Fulford, *Yaseen Abdul-Malik, and *Thomas Kelly. “Illness, Loss, and Caregiving in Adult HBCU Students’ Lives.” Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Conference, Little Switzerland, NC, September 17, 2019.
  • Collie Fulford. “Studying the Literate Lives of Adult HBCU Students.” HBCU Symposium on Rhetoric and Composition. Atlanta, GA. September 27, 2019.
  • Collie Fulford. “Toward a Principled Account of the Outliers: A Study of Adult Learners at an HBCU." Dartmouth Summer Seminar for Composition Research. Hanover, NH. August 10, 2018.

Publications in development (*= student researchers)

  • Collie Fulford. “Rethinking Research in English with Nontraditional Adult Students.” Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture 22.1. Forthcoming.
  • * Thomas Kelly and Collie Fulford, editors. Adult Learners’ Guide to Thriving at NCCU. Handbook in development, co-authored with adult nontraditional students and NCCU personnel.
  • Collie Fulford. Braided Literacies: The Writing Lives of Adult Students at a Historically Black University. Book manuscript in development.